Who are we? What do we do?

We are a Geneva-based boutique consultancy company with an international focus, we are a small but tackle complex problems in national healthcare systems worldwide. And we are a young company but have decades of experience.

We care for what we do. We value our clients. We are with many talents but we only offer what we can do perfectly. We do only what we believe is valuable, what can make a real difference for whom we work with. We do not take every opportunity to get a contract. We chose to work with similarly minded people. We believe in mutual benefits – what is good for us is good for you.

We are not after the scale or the popularity. We prefer to become credible and reliable partner with selected customers. We will remain small to stay more connected with whom we work and with what we do.


David Gzirishvili

Founder & Managing Partner
Medical doctor, more than 20 years in health and social protection
David Sulaberidze

David Sulaberidze

Founder & Senior Advisor
Medical Doctor, more than 20 years in management and health
Alexander Kvitashvili

Alexander Kvitashvili

Senior Advisor
Senior executive with more than 15 years of experience in health system organization, former Minister of Health of Georgia and Ukraine
Ksenia Baucher

Ksenia Baucher

Admin and Finance