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Support to Kosovo health authorities in institutionalizing health expenditure tracking based on SHA 2011 methodology

The World Health Organization (WHO) provided technical support to the Member States to institutionalize health expenditure tracking by (a) producing health account (HA) studies, including disease expenditure, based on the revised System of Health Accounts methodology 2011 (SHA 2011) and (b) informing national health policies. Based on the request from Kosovo[1] authorities, the WHO offices […]

Technical Assistance to define implementation arrangements for a sustainable HIV prevention program in Montenegro

Montenegro has institutionalized a pioneer mechanism for sustainable HIV prevention since 2018: the new law on NGOs (effective from January 2018) enabled the health authorities to contract out preventive services to NGOs targeting the key and vulnerable populations (KVPs) Budget and allocate financing to HIV preventive services implemented by the selected NGOs each year) The […]

Healthcare Financing Progress Matrix (HFPM) Country Application and Capacity building in Kazakhstan

In 2019, Kazakhstan piloted compulsory social health insurance in the Karaganda region, and from January 2020, the new system, comprised of two health benefits packages, has been launched throughout the country. The country expressed interest in a holistic assessment of the effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and resilience of the health financing in the country and capacity […]