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Ongoing or recent projects

Dynamic modeling tool development to track PHC spending based on SHA 2011 methodology

PHC definition should be tailored to the national context as key national stakeholders deem appropriate if tracking PHC expenditure is supposed to inform national health policies (e.g. prioritize PHC in government budgets). Tailoring PHC to the national context requires the development of a dynamic tool that allows countries to define PHC according to their specific […]

Long Term technical support to produce and institutionalize the System of Health Accounts (2011) in the WHO European Region

World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe commissioned Consulting Group Curatio Sarl to work with the WHO Barcelona for Health Systems Financing to assist the countries in the European region in (i) institutionalising the System of Health Accounts (SHA) in their routine information systems and producing health accounts (HA) on a routine base including disease […]

Independent verification of disbursement linked indicators (DLIs) under the World Bank-supported “Primary Health Care Quality Improvement Program” (PHCQIP) in the Kyrgyz Republic

Joint Financiers of the project “Primary Health Care Quality Improvement Program” (PHCQIP) in the Kyrgyz Republic contracted Oxford Policy Management (OPM) to verify independently results reported by the country (the Ministry of Health and the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund) against the targets for each Disbursement Linked Indicator (DLI). OPM commissioned CGC to establish an independent […]