A multi-country analysis of financial sustainability of National Immunization Programs, and development of financial sections of National Immunization Plans for 2016-2020

The CGC team of 4 experts in health systems and immunization financing assisted the national immunization programs/ health officials and WHO country offices in 7 countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Moldova, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan) in carrying out a costing and financing exercise followed by a financial sustainability analysis of comprehensive multi-year plans for immunization for next 5 years.

The team worked under the supervision of the WHO Regional Office for Europe (WHO EURO) and was responsible to:

  • Design standard forms for data collection and share in advance with relevant counterparts in each country.
  • Carrie out a situational analysis of healthcare financing context and immunization financing profile in the past and for the projection period
  • Assign two senior experts for the validation of costing and financing data during country visits, and discussion of the preliminary findings with key stakeholders.

The CGC team built several costing and financing scenarios in each country upon the request of in-country stakeholder or WHO EURO to reflect budgetary implications of the introduction of new vaccines.

The CGC team wrote up narrative for cMYP section on financial analysis, including financial sustainability strategies.