A mid-term review of HIV/AIDS Epidemic Prevention State Program in Kyrgyzstan

CGC conducted a mid-term review of the State Programme to prevent HIV/AIDS epidemic and itsâ social and economic consequences in the Kyrgyz Republic for 2006-2010 upon a request of the Ministry of Health (MoH) of Kyrgyzstan and with financial support of Central Asian AIDS Project (CAAP).

Actual Services Provided:

  • The preparatory phase:
    • Discussion and defining expectations and needs of main stakeholders – The issues of review, work schedule and coordination between a team of experts and a working group to support the review established by the MoH.
    • Desk review – pprogrammatic and financing data, literature review, estimation of target populations, known factors affecting the program implementation; best practices from national program and other international programs.
    • Agreement on the list of indicators for quantitative evaluation – Existing country-matrix of Monitoring and Evaluation of the State program was used as a basis for quantitative review.
    • Evaluation Framework – based on the results of the preliminary consultations and desk review, an evaluation framework, highlighting the specific evaluation questions and methods to be used, was elaborated.
  • Data collection and processing:
    • Semi-structured interviews with program implementation parties, community stakeholders and partners – The team of experts has prepared the list of respondents (including representatives of state agencies, civil society organizations, donors/partners and target groups â IDUs and PLWH) and conducted in-depth interviews in accordance with the guidelines developed.
    • Process the data captured and synthesis – The team of experts systematized the results of basic indicators calculation and in-depth interviews. With references to the other studies and surveys the team formulated major findings to be shared with key stakeholders through a series of consultations.
  • Analyses and report d’:
    • Consultations with stakeholders – The information processed with primary analyses (findings and discussions) was provided to a broad range of stakeholders for open discussions and verification (summing-up) considering presented evidences.
    • The final analyses with formulated conclusions and recommendations – for final revision by the MoH and partners.
    • Presentation of the preliminary report – The team of experts presented a preliminary report to the MoH and partners for the revision, comments and remarks.
    • D’ of the final report taking into account stakeholder comments.