Assessment of Immunization Financing and Sustainability of the National Immunization Programme in Mongolia

Mongolia government requested WHO to conduct a Review of the National Immunization Programme (NIP), with a particular focus on data management, immunization financing, and sustainability. The EPI review was conducted by a team of international and national experts.

The assessment of immunization financing system and sustainability was carried as an integral component of the EPI review by identifying strengths, opportunities, threats and weakness of the immunization financing system in the country.

CGC Sarl was invited to join the team and lead the review on financial sustainability.

CGC Team was responsible for the following tasks:

  • Review key documents on economic context, health financing and National Immunization Program of Mongolia
  • Review and adapt to the Mongolian context the methodological framework to assess immunization financing and sustainability developed by WHO
  • Provide remote support to national expert conducting preliminary cost analysis
  • Participate in the EPI Review country mission; apply and test the methodological framework , by conducting interviews with stakeholders and field visits; provide the team leader with key findings on the assessment of the immunization financing and sustainability, including costing (in slide deck or other format) for the de-briefing of the EPI Review
  • Provide the team leader with the final version of the section (chapter) on financial sustainability assessment, including costing for the final report of the EPI Review

In addition, the CGC team was requested to revise the methodological framework and guidelines of the EPI Review and explore options for the integration of immunization financing and sustainability assessment in the EPI review methodology.