Contract and Case Management System Development for a private health insurance company

The goal of the assignment was to develop a comprehensive Contract and Case Management (CCM) system for the private insurance company, determined by the client’s needs, priorities, and capacity.

Medical Insurance Group “Archimedes Global Georgia” (AGG) started operation in 2007. Company’s main product was health Insurance.

The consultancy was conducted as a participatory process when client’s designated personnel and consultants work as a team. This approach ensured that proposed products are consistent with the skills and ability of end users to get maximum benefits; the consultancy services also implied on-job capacity building of key personnel and sustainable deployment of a sophisticated, modern management and production technologies.

Actual services provided:

The consultancy services were bundled into eight packages corresponding to eight sequential steps necessary to develop all eight units of the contract and case management system.

Main deliverables included:

  • Operational manuals for contract administration, claim processing, authorization, case management, risk assessment and management, performance measurement and customer tailored management information system.
  • Deployment of the customer tailored Contract and Case Management Software (based on MS SQL 2005) for contract administration, authorization and claim processing, case management, risk management and performance management.
  • Training of the key personnel necessary to use comply with the operational manual and use the CCM Soft.