Costing and financing of the comprehensive multi-year plan

The main purpose of this regional assignment is to Calculate/estimate cost of the 5 year plan (multi-year plan) on immunization for 7 countries.

    • Specific services provided:

      • 1.To identify scenarios to cover separately each planned major activity of the cMYP;
      • 2.To collect costing and financing data and information and to cost different scenarios of the drafted cMYP and to identify secured and probable financing from government sources and programme partners (by visiting relevant institutions and interviewing responsible persons);
      • 3.To conduct funding gap analysis for each scenario;
      • 4.To identify financial sustainability strategies to minimize the funding gap;
      • 5.To draft relevant chapters of the cMYP reflecting the above issues;
      • 6.To finalize the work in line with comments provided by the Programme staff and WHO.