Develop a Concept Note on the use of root cause analysis for strategic planning while supporting Jordan and Yement country teams in the strategic planning for immunization

To support countries in the development of their immunization plans, WHO and UNICEF in collaboration with other partners have developed guidelines for developing cMYPs and guidelines and tools for costing and financing cMYP, to facilitate the countries in this process.

Based on the recent assessment of the ten-year experience of development of cMYP at the country level, WHO and Alliance Partners are exploring areas for further improvements of the cMYP approach. One area of work is to ensure the development of streamlined planning documents focused on strategic objectives and built on thorough situation analysis.

the CGC team was requested to develop a concept note for the application of a root cause analysis approach to the situational analysis of immunization programs within a framework of strategic planning.

Under supervision of the health economist EPI unit in the Department of Immunization Vaccines and Biologicals and in consultation with the EMRO regional immunization focal point, the CGC team was expected to accomplish the following tasks.

  • Develop a concept note on the use of root cause analysis for strategic planning to be applied during the cMYP development in Jordan and Yemen.
  • Review key documents on economic context, health financing and National Immunization Program of Jordan, and collect necessary quantitative and qualitative data remotely
  • Assist in carrying out the national workshop on cMYP development in Jordan by facilitating sessions by providing presentations, training on the use of cMYP tools and applying root cause analysis for strategic planning
  • Provide support to finalize Jordan cMYP document including immunization costs and financing projections
  • Review draft Yemen cMYP, identify information gaps and data requirements and assist the country team in data collection
  • Provide assistance to the country team to revise cMYP during the visit of a delegation from EPI -Yemen in Beirut
  • Provide training sessions on the use of cMYP tools and apply root cause analysis for strategic planning
  • Finalize the concept note on the application of the root cause analysis based on lessons learned during the cMYP development support to Yemen and Jordan country teams