Development of a Comprehensive Multi-Year Plan (cMYP) for Immunization in Viet Nam

The purpose of the consultancy service was to provide technical support to conduct/facilitate a process to develop five-year comprehensive.

The CGC was expected to provide technical support to Viet Nam by facilitating consultations between key in-country stakeholders and provide technical inputs at each stage of cMYP in accordance with the WHO-UNICEF Guidelines for Comprehensive Multi-Year Planning for Immunization (2013).

The CGC team provided the following deliverables at each stage of the cMYP development:

  1. Remote work:
    • Draft situational analysis – background / context sections
    • Draft situational analysis – EPI performance
    • cMYP costing tool – baseline data entered
  2. In-country mission:
    • Situational Analysis – SWOT
    • Preliminary set of priorities, objectives, targets
    • Situational analysis and programmatic sections discussed and agreed
    • Data entered for cost and financing
    • Cost implications discussed and necessary adjustments to programmatic sections made
  3. Finalizaiton of the cMYP
    • Draft cMYP is ready for sharing
    • cMYP document submitted>