Development of a comprehensive multi-year plan for immunization in Papua New Guinea

The main purpose of the assignment was to provide technical support to in-country stakeholders in the development of a five-year comprehensive plan for immunization in Papua New Guinea (PNG) through a participatory process.

The CGC team was requested to design and cost out the plan as per laid down WHO guidelines and standards, adapted to country needs.

According to the Terms of Reference, the CGC team applied a various set of methods for data collection, validation, and consultations such as research, data collection, and sharing, costing and review.

The CGC team provided the following services:

  1. Preparation:
    • collection and review of background documents
    • development and sharing of data (qualitative and quantities) collection forms
    • data collection and sharing
    • organizing in-country mission (scheduling meetings, mobilizing country working group)
  2. In-country mission
    • Consultation with key stakeholders
    • Facilitation of a cMYP development worksop
    • Collection of data for costing (including meetings with relevant actors)
    • consultations on preliminary costing and financing results
  3. Finalization of the cMYP
    • Writing up respective sections of the cMYP document
    • Circulation the draft cMYP for review and feedback
    • Consultations with in-country stakeholders remotely
    • Integratio of comments and submittion of the final version of the cMYP