Development of Comprehensive Multi-Year Plan cMYP for immunization and Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization Health System Strengthening (HSS) support Application for Somalia

WHO HQ and WHO CO for Somalia contracted the CGC to assist the National and Zonal Governments of Somalia in strategic planning and development of Health System Strengthening (HSS) application to Gavi.

The consultancy services were provided in two blocks under separate contractual agreement.

Technical support in cMYP development

The objective was to develop 3 sub-national (zonal) cMYPs including costing and financing of zonal immunization programs and financial sustainability analysis, and consolidate into one national cMYP.

The CGC team worked under the guidance of the WHO/EMRO Regional Adviser, Vaccine Preventable Disease and Immunization (VPI) and under the direct supervision of the WHO representative in Somalia, as well as in close collaboration with the Director General (DG) of the Federal Ministry of Health and the DGS of Local Health Authorities of Somaliland and Puntland.

In addition to standard exercises such data collection, situational analysis, costing and financial analysis, the CGC team was requested to carry out the following tasks specifically:

  • Prepare an inception document, outlining the steps for the compilation of the TORs and achieving the deliverables. The inception document should also include the required information from the partners, especially financial information, and be provided in the appropriate format.
  • Prepare a list and review the key documents produced by the MOH/EPI Somalia, EPI partners or other relevant agencies pertinent to cMYP, including existing cMYP, Health sector plans, Gavi applications, etc.
  • Assist the MOH/Federal EPI in organizing a two to four days consultative meeting for relevant senior national officers from Federal and Zonal MOHs/EPI and other stakeholders including partner agencies, for providing guidelines (baseline, objectives, milestones, targets, etc. for cMYP) and key strategies and activities for future Gavi HSS applications, to be covered in a cMYP as appropriate

Technical support in the development of HSS application to Gavi

The CGC team supported Somali Health Authorities to develop Somalia’s application for GAVI Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) support 2017 to 2021 in close collaboration with the technical UNICEF and WHO teams of the Expanded Programme of Immunization (EPI). the CGC team was requested to:

To carry out basic tasks/activities for HSS application development, such as:

    • Review mandatory and other related documents to have full background information required for developing the GAVI HSS applicationĀ ensure that the country HSS application is developed as per the GAVI guidelines and the critical aspects , some of which are given below are addressed and reflected in the application:
      • Align with the. new performance framework;
      • Link application to health system bottlenecks and gaps affecting immunization outcomes in Somalia that have been identified in the JA mission, the cMYP and the One-EPI-Plan;
      • Analyze lessons learnt from previous support of GAVI and other development partners to strengthen immunization system in Somalia;
      • Reflect ongoing support to immunization and health system (JHNP, GFHTM) is demonstrating their complementarity whenever possible;
      • o\tCreate synergies between PEI and EPI;
      • Ensure that the application address the systems issues highlighted for intervention in the cMYP.
      • Share the draft application with concerned entities during a workshop/meeting /s arranged for the purpose, seek their feedback and make necessary amendments in the application including accompanying documents.
      • Sensitize health authorities, during various briefings? to include support to improve immunization outcomes in the upcoming development of new Health Sector Strategic Plans;
    • To carry out specific activities such as:
      • Closely work with the EPI units of the Somali health authorities, including where available at State and regional level, as well as with Planning departments and other development partners to identify health system areas that are the most critical to be addressed through the up-coming grant considering the outcome for immunization programme;
      • Support Somali Health Authorities in reviewing and up-dating health systems bottlenecks analysis derived from cMYP, one EPI-plan, health systems review; gender and equity-related barriers; lessons from best practices for immunization in Somalia;
      • To develop Somalia’s application for GAVI Health Systems Strengthening Support in accordance with the new application process and in close coordination with Somalia’s Health Sector Coordination Committee (HSC);
      • To provide technical support to revise if required the draft application based on recommendations of GAVI’s Independent Review Committee (IRC).