External Review of the â Mother and Child Health Programme, Phase Iâ in Ukraine

This external review provided evidence for public accountability and transparency, as well as for the improvement of future SDC projects and programmes in general and the MCHP next phase in particular.

Using the programme documents and log frame, operational plans, budget, progress reports, monitoring visits reports and other relevant project documents as well as interviews of key and resource persons and field visits, the review team assessed the level of achievement of the programme outcomes, outputs and performance, partners, context and the validity of earlier assumptions.

The review team further assessed the programme beyond working with partners only, to explore how the programme can better contribute to health care service delivery and also how the regional and rayon level authorities can work together in the areas of good governance and quality of the public health service delivery.

The CGC review team provided a clear and concise analysis of the effects (outcomes, impact if possible) of the MCH programme, of its contribution to the improvement of the maternal and child health in Ukraine, its support to the process of transition and provide considerations on costs and sustainability.

The review team highlighted the following areas in the review report:

  • Status of validation of the results achieved and reported by the programme.
  • Discussion of the actors that had influenced the actual level of achievement.
  • Lessons learned about key development issues on capacity building, public sector reform and service delivery.
  • ^he main issues / killer assumptions for scaling up/replicating further MCH services in Ukraine.
  • Recommendations on scaling up the programme (horizontally) to reach the maximum beneficiaries.