Facilitation of the national consultation workshop for finalization of the Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Strengthening (MESS) action plan

The objective was to provide assistance in facilitating and providing technical support to a stakeholder workshop for finalization of the national M&ESS Action Plan for the TB program in Azerbaijan.

This consultancy involved liaising with Global Fund Portfolio Management, Principal Recipients, Local Global Fund Agency, National Tuberculosis Programme and other key stakeholders; facilitation of the consultation workshop; and finalization of the national M&E System Strengthening Action Plan agreed among all stakeholders in the country.

Actual Services provided:

Pre workshop:

  • Liaise with FPM and M&E from the Global Fund and Principal Recipients prior to receive relevant information pertaining to the grants, the national program;
  • Review country-specific materials, such as National Strategic Plans, National M&E Plans, documentation on exiting M&E systems;
  • Familiarize with the status of the national M&E system and the status of the MESS assessment process in the country.

Workshop facilitation:

  • Inform and explain the purpose and re-emphasize the benefit of having one nationally agreed MESS Action plan and ensure close collaboration among the national partners in its further implementation.
  • Facilitate the discussions on the strengths, weakness of the national M&E system and setting the priority actions for the next period in terms of M&E system Strengthening.
  • Foster dialogue and active participation of all partners and stakeholders to leverage their expertise and ensure harmonized outputs;
  • Assist, in collaboration with representatives from key technical agencies (UNAIDS), with addressing disease and M&E specific issues.
  • Facilitate and ensure finalization of the costed National M&E Action developed through consolidation of the country driven formulated priorities and already identified M&E action.

After the workshop

  • Develop final National MESS action plan for country partnersâ validation, approval and further appropriate follow up.