Health Sector Strategy Development in Tajikistan

The purpose of these consultancy services was to support health sector strategy formulation and ensure Government ownership of the strategy and the process.

The CGC team was responsible to:

  • Ensure development and agreement of mission, goals, and objectives of the strategy based on the values of the health system in Tajikistan and clear sector priorities.
  • Ensure coordination with the wider national development processes and comply with the existing sub-sector strategies and other project reviews, studies, and evidence.
  • Ensure development and agreement of an action plan for Strategy implementation.
  • Ensure close collaboration and coordination with the MTEF project team, preparing the ground for a future full-fledged costing of the strategy.
  • Ensure development and agreement of a monitoring framework for assessing the implementation of the strategy by identifying critical assumptions, risks and appraising the change needed to achieve the objectives in each area.
  • Ensure development and agreement of a monitoring framework for the development of the health sector strategy composed of a relatively compact set of indicators to assess progress against set results
  • Inform regularly the Steering Committee of the progress of work and convene relevant sector stakeholders to agree further on the findings, priorities and steps further in each sector/sub-sector.
  • Advocate for the Strategy and coordinate all related activities including the consultation and dissemination process.
  • Consolidate, compile and summarize the work done by the Working Groups into a single high-quality document. The final Strategy document shall consistently contain description of the process, situation analysis, priorities based on the system values, action/operational plan.