Health Sector Study in Turkey

The objective of this assignment was to provide the European Investment Bank (EIB) with an independent, comprehensive and coherent review and appraisal of the Turkish health sector, in order to serve as the context and framework for EIBa’s potential future lending operations in the health sector.

Actual Services Provided:

  • Review and appraisal of readily available material (data, information, and reports) on the Turkish health sector, including comparative (international, national and sub-national) analyses wherever this is possible.
  • Consultation with other relevant international actors in the sector (such as World Bank, EBRD, IFC, WHO, EC, etc) and Ministry of Health (MoH), other relevant Government Ministries/Departments to assist the EIBa’s understanding of the sector and to provide information on the actions of other IFIs and relevant agencies in the health sector.
  • Development, planning and implementation of health sector investments, including (but not limited to) the current Public Private Partnership (PPP) hospital investment programme.
  • Review of experience of PPPs in Turkey to date, particularly including early experience of and plans for the health sector.
  • Based on the above, production of a clear, comprehensive sector study report, which:
    • Describes the Turkish health situation and health sector response, the key characteristics, opportunities and challenges and plans for future change to the sector (including any proposed reforms);
    • Analyses the capacity, accessibility/equity, utilization and performance of the health sector, as far as possible with reference to comparative data/information (both within the country and when compared to other countries);
    • Examines and evaluates the processes/procedures and plans for investment in health and healthcare, including but not restricted to the current PPP hospital investment programme;
    • Concludes on key issues, current and future challenges and actions planned to required to address them;
    • Develops and applies an investment prioritization methodology that provides a robust and rational basis for the EIB to agree health sector lending priorities for the Turkish health sector.