Helath Facility Masterplan Development in Tajikistan

The overall purpose of this consultancy was to assess the current situation as regards the health care infrastructure, and to support the Government with the elaboration of an appropriate health sector Masterplan to establish a comprehensive network of outpatient and inpatient care facilities throughout the country.

The CGC expert was responsible for developing the implementation plan, including annual facility-level action plans, the monitoring and evaluation strategy, and the training.

Actual service provided

  • Analysis of the current situation:
    • Analysis of current morbidity and the potential unmet healthcare needs at national/regional/district level and to estimate likely future morbidity changes based on demographics.
    • Discussion with the client to identify and agree on the major issues that are problematic in the current health care system. This includes engaging the Working Groups to prioritize diseases at national and regional level, defining services and minimum equipment to be provided at tertiary, secondary and primary level relevant; to define the investment plan in appropriate format.
    • Design of the reconfigured network with sufficient details for the facilities to start implementing changes.
  • Implementation Plan for Change:
    • Development of the implementation strategy including milestones, performance indicators, key personnel, timelines, risk assessment, PR strategy, etc.
    • Development of the Monitoring & Evaluation strategy
    • Identification of the facilities where significant changes need to take place such as department closure or opening, and assist those facilities to develop business plans and strategies to implement those changes.