Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) Development Strategy for private investors in Georgia

The goal of the assignment was to develop a comprehensive “blueprint” for IDN development in Georgia. The proposed plan served as a roadmap for the Investor’s entry into and establishment on the healthcare market.

Actual services provided

CGC developed and delivered a strategy document (Strategic Plan), which included (but was not limited to) the following:

    • Market potential analysis:
      • Analysis of the health care market in Georgia and emerging market opportunities driven by current reform initiatives, including detailed description of different market segments (hospital, outpatient, dental and diagnostic services, pharmaceutical and insurance market sectors, their geographic distribution and characteristics, etc.).
      • Market growth potential;
      • Benchmarking Georgia’s market with other countries in the region and beyond;
      • Analysis of current financing of the medical service provision in Georgia and expected future changes as a result of the envisioned governmental reforms.
    • Vision for the IDN development, describing service provision capacity at each organizational level of medical care and their development over the course of five year period 2008-2012; Market entry and possible exit strategy(s);
    • Phased Plan for the strategy implementation with brief description of the implementation phases, anticipated timelines for each phase, and capital projections for each phase.
      • development of a costing tool;
      • calculation of service unit costs for major types of outpatient and inpatient services;
      • financial projections; and,
      • financial modeling together with team members for each district/region with a various set of service delivery capacity, based on relevant inputs and unit costs.Financial projections for implementation of the strategic plan based on capital, revenue flow and cost projections; namely:
    • Risks and risk mitigation strategies.