Joint Needs Assessment of the health-Sector linked to the armed conflict in Georgia

The purpose of this assignment was to conduct a needs assessment for the health sector and to consolidate understanding of the immediate and mid-term needs in Georgia linked to the armed conflict in Georgia (South Ossetia region).

The CGC experts in close collaboration the Ministry of Health (MoH) and health partners, conducted the needs assessment for the health-sector, and delivered it to the UN Resident Coordinatora’s Office Focal Point.

Actual services provided

  • Collection of baseline data from post-conflict assessment reports performed by NGOs and other health partners, Communicate with the MoH representatives and focal point in the conflict-affected area to complement and validate information.
  • Development of a logical framework for the health sector, allowing a projected estimate of the additional financial burden on the health system in the mid and medium term (2-3 years) and the total budget for needs projected for the heath-sector.
  • Development of a sectoral plan for mid-term (6 months) and more medium term (2- 3 years) interventions to cover the health needs of the IDPs (short term long term and resettled)and vulnerable groups in the Georgian population.

The needs assessment was validated by the respective HQ of the World Bank, the UN, and the EC, and presented at a donora’s conference in Brussels and served as a comprehensive basis for reconstruction fundraising.