Support to Kosovo health authorities in institutionalizing health expenditure tracking based on SHA 2011 methodology

The World Health Organization (WHO) provided technical support to the Member States to institutionalize health expenditure tracking by (a) producing health account (HA) studies, including disease expenditure, based on the revised System of Health Accounts methodology 2011 (SHA 2011) and (b) informing national health policies. Based on the request from Kosovo[1] authorities, the WHO offices in Barcelona and Pristina developed a package of technical support for Kosovo[1] authorities to finalize the production of health accounts.

The WHO commissioned Consulting Group Curatio Sarl (CGC) to provide technical backstopping and advice to the HA Working Group in Pristina (HAWG) and collaborate with the designated representatives of the WHO offices on providing the required support to the authorities.

The CGC team specialists conducted an exploratory mission, discussed options for tailoring HA production methodology to the local context, and developed an action plan.

Next, the CGC team:

  • Helped the HAWG in identifying the existing datasets and starting data collection
  • Developed a set of Excel-based instruments to automatize the transformation of data received from the primary sources (data holders) and prepare for processing
  • Developed an MS Access-based HAprePT tool:
    • To define the logic of mapping data with specific SHA 2011 classifications
    • To process the degranulated data and map them with the SHA 2011 classifications
    • To export data for the finalization of the health accounts study in the Health Account Production Tool (HAPT)
  • Helped the HAWG to import data into HAPT and generate full study reports
  • Drafting step-by-step instructions for data collection processing, guiding the HAWG through the new methodology

[1]    All references to Kosovo in this document should be understood in the context of the United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).