Long Term technical support to produce and institutionalize the System of Health Accounts (2011) in the WHO European Region

World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe commissioned Consulting Group Curatio Sarl to work with the WHO Barcelona for Health Systems Financing to assist the countries in the European region in (i) institutionalising the System of Health Accounts (SHA) in their routine information systems and producing health accounts (HA) on a routine base including disease expenditure estimates; and  (ii) validating and updating the WHO Global Health Expenditure Database (GHED).

CGC health accounts team is expected to achieve the following objectives in 2021-2023:

Objective 1. Provide technical support to produce HA studies including disease expenditures based on 2011 methodology and to disseminate the HA results

Objective 2. Provide technical support to institutionalize HA production on a routine base and build capacity at country level

Objective 3. Validate the health expenditure data for time series identified by WHO (within the framework of Global Health Expenditure Database/GHED) for those countries who do not produce full HA studies.

CGC health accounts team is physically present in several countries in the region: Belarus, Georgia, North Macedonia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan covering ten priority countries selected by the WHO Barcelona Office in 2021.