Assessment of Moldova’s Healthcare System with the view of shaping further Swiss support

The Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova (SCO) intends to carry out an assessment of the Moldovan healthcare sector. The services were solicited to shape the Swiss-supported health domain interventions under the upcoming 2025-2028 Swiss Cooperation Program for Moldova.

The assessment was expected to inform the design of Swiss support to the Moldovan healthcare system by suggesting priority areas and preferred modalities of implementation after answering the following strategic questions:

  • Will the ongoing or upcoming reforms in the healthcare system address existing gaps or main challenges?
  • Considering the competitive advantages of Swiss support and expectations of the key stakeholders, addressing which gaps and needs in the healthcare system shall be considered?
  • Which interventions are more likely to yield the highest impact while being feasible, coherent and relevant to the context dynamics?
  • What are the best entry points and implementation modalities to ensure efficiency, country ownership and, ultimately, the scalability and sustainability of achievements?

SCO commissioned Consulting Group Curatio Sarl to carry out the assessment.

The CGC team conducted the evaluation in May – July and, after a series of consultations, delivered the assessment report that covered the following topics:

  • General analysis including:
    • Main identified needs (for the population and the health system), deficiencies and main priorities of the health system,
    • relevant strategic policy documents and health sector reforms, existing programs, current and planned donors’ support in health,
    • potential partners of cooperation
  • The inputs for further strategic Swiss engagement in the health sector under the upcoming 2025- 2028 Swiss Cooperation Program for Moldova.
    • a retrospective assessment of the key results of the Swiss health portfolio and lessons learned;
    • options and scenarios regarding portfolio development, including ideas for possible new projects that take into account the triple nexus;
    • an overview of drivers and restrainers of change, risks and opportunities, and potential implementing partners, including options for using the country system
  • A comparison of the main options and clear recommendations on their prioritization and feasibility

The CGC finalized the report through consultations with the SDC Country Office in Moldova in August 2023.