IDOM Moldovan Institute for Human Rights capacity-building needs assessment

The overall purpose of this assigment was to assist Moldovan Institute for Human Rights (IDOM) in the identification of capacity gaps, prioritization of capacity building needs and preparation of a proposal of capacity-building interventions to address them.

Therefore, consulting services entail with the following scope of work:

  • Development of a capacity-self assessment tool tailored to the local specifics and helpful to identify concerns and underlying causes;
  • Review of background documents (related to the performance of IDOM performance, organizational & Governance structures, OSI grant application requirements, etc);
  • Conduct Performance Assessment by assessing optimal performance in key areas and documenting actual performance within those areas: Governance and decision-making processes; management processes, finances, staffing, monitoring & evaluation system, relationships with others and its results;
  • Conduct SWOT analysis for each of the assessed performance areas and identify relevant actions to be taken based on the results of the SWOT.
  • Draft a report detailing the findings of the performance assessment, along with the team’ recommendations for prioritized performance solutions to close any identified performance gaps.
  • Based on the results of the performance assessment and consultations with internal stakeholder group, develop a proposal for external Donor funding to address the organization’ capacity-building needs.