Provision of health accounts technical support to countries in European region and in the improvement of the disease expenditure distribution methodology for the global HA purpose

World Health Organization (WHO) provides technical assistance to Member States to produce and institutionalize the health accounts including disease expenditure consistent with the reviewed system of health accounts methodology (SHA 2011). WHO also publishes high-level health expenditure aggregates on the Global Health Expenditure Database (GHED). Where gaps exist, WHO estimates missing data using macroeconomic series. This process requires an understanding of each country’s health financing system, knowledge of SHA 2011, as well as technical exchanges with focal points to obtain accurate and complete time series that are comparable across countries.

CGC was expected to (i) support three countries (Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kyrgyzstan), and (ii) assist in the preparation and organization of a 3-days validation workshop in Chisinau, Moldova, on December 10-12, 2018, and (iii) for the global purpose – extend the existing WHO/SHA disease.

The CGC team performed the following tasks and delivered the following services:

Objective 1: Supported three countries in producing and institutionalizing health accounts:

  • Conduct in-country scoping mission in Georgia together with the WHO HA team (1 week, 1 person); Support Bosnia and Herzegovina in finishing 2015 and 2016 health accounts
    • Review of preliminary health accounts results in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2015-2016) and support in-country HA focal points (HA team) in finalizing both studies:
    • Documented challenges to map funds flow and collected data based on SHA 2011 methodology using existing experiences in the country and newly revealed information during the country missions, and record lessons learnt for overcoming these challenges in Georgia
  • Documented a contextualized HA methodology to collect and estimate expenditure data in Kyrgyzstan based on the latest results of the HA study in order to institutionalize the methodology into the routine statistical information system

Objective 2: Preparation and administration of a three-day health accounts validation workshop for 11 countries in the WHO European region in Moldova, on December 10-12, 2018

Objective 3: Disease crosswalks – recoded ICD-10 & 11 for disease distribution analysis and recoded Global Fund Framework’s health system strengthening component