Regional capacity development in HIV/AIDS program management in Central Asia

The objective of the assignment was to contribute to the development of a regional capacity in HIV/AIDS program management through development of training curriculum/materials, provision of training of trainers and developing manuals in proposal design, project management and financial management.

Actual services provided

  • Reviewed legal requirements for the financial management and reporting for non-governmental organizations;
  • Developed complex guidelines on financial management and accounting of all necessary standard forms, templates, etc.
  • Developed the ToT syllabus for the training of trainers in financial management and accounting, including required standard documents;
  • Actual training of the trainers;
  • Provision of support to the trainers (coaching) to assure that they are successful in transferring necessary skills and knowledge to final beneficiaries;
  • Provision of refreshment or topic specific training based on the feedback provided by the trainers.