Review and redesign of Uzbekistan Health System Strengthening (HSS) application to Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization > Gavi

The objectives under this assignment were to focus on the review and re-design of the objectives, approaches, interventions, budget, implementation arrangements, monitoring and evaluation components, in order to build a consensus among the key stakeholders and to achieve maximum alignment of the Gavi HSS applicaiton with the ongoing WB/ ADB health reform project.

In order to achieve the mission objectives, the CGC consultants performed desk review of available country strategic documents for health sector, assessment reports by development partners and other relevant documents and conducted numerous meetings with key members of the national WG, ICC and key international development partners, discussing:

  • the application development and their role (if any) in this process;
  • strengths and weaknesses of the current proposal and their future contribution to the application review and implementation if the Gavi HSS funding will be approved for the country.

As a result of the CGC in-country mission, the recommendations for improvement of the current application document has been elaborated, discussed with the Ministry of Health (MoH) working group and key international partners.

The CGC outputs: findings and recommendations were taken into consideration by the working group members and other stakeholders participating in the GAVI HSS application development process and served as a basis for for the improvement of the Gavi HSS support application document.