Revision of the comprehensive Immunization Multi-Year Plan (cMYP) in Lao PDR

The purpose of these assignments was to provide technical assistance to Lao PDR health authorities in applying for GAVI new vaccines support and by responding to the last conditions outlined in the Gavi Independent Review Committee recommendations.

More specifically, CGC was required to revise the costing and financing sections to include resource requirements for vaccines, to identify and asssess the financial risks (with probable or secure funding), provide a detailed analysis of the funding gap showing implications of the unfilled gap on the different programmatic areas of the National Immunization Program (NIP) implementation, and to propose alternative funding scenarios, matching resource requirements with the financing projections.

Actual services rovided:

  • Preparatory phase – the CGC team reviewed background documents including and adapted data collection forms and the excel costing tool
  • In-country visit – the CGC expert discussed programmatic issues that are directly linked with costing exercise, including possible scenarios (e.g. vaccination calendars or different coverage rates), and supported national experts/working group to obtain missing data (especially related to future financing by sources). In addition to these, the CGC expert made data entry and shared preliminary costing and financing results with the working group/national counterparts.
  • Finalization – the CGC team analyzed the funding gaps and elaborated financial sustainability strategies.

Upon the completion of the assignment the CGC team submitted the final draft to the working group for review and approval.