The end-of-phase external review of the Medical Education Development Project (phase 1) in Ukraine

The Swiss Cooperation Office Ukraine (SCO) mandated the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) to implement the Main Phase 1 of the Medical Education Development in Ukraine Project (MED). One of the most fundamental tasks of the Medical Education Development Project was to support the overall health system reform with appropriate Human Resources (HR) development. A particular focus was placed on the primary health care (PHC) workforce – family doctors and family nurses, as well as on enhancing the capacities and skills of the managerial personnel.

Phase 1 of the MED Project was coming to an end in November 2022. The external review was considered important to provide a basis for accountability, to take stock of the results achieved during the first phase of implementation and to provide recommendations for the design of the second phase of the MED project.

SCO commissioned the CGC team to conduct the external review and perform the following tasks:

  • Looking backwards:
    • assess the results achieved and their contribution to the overall goal of the MED project
    • assess the main factors which have influenced the level of achievement (positive or negative)
    • assess the collaboration of the project with all partners and stakeholders (360° assessment).
  • Looking forward:
    • provide recommendations
      • and best scenarios for scaling up the interventions
      • on the sustainability of the proposed intervention.
    • Analyze the project’s capacity to influence systemic changes and contribute to the policy dialogue at different levels (national and local)
    • Prioritize the weight or importance of the different project activity streams and / or add what is missing or could be beneficial for the project implementation and formulate how the focus of the project can be sharpened.