Strategy Development and Management Strengthening of “All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS”

The purpose of this consultancy was to support “All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS” (AUN) in the development of a long-term Strategic Plan, and provide detailed recommendations on governance arrangements along with recommended policies and procedures for effective governance and management.

Actual services provided

  • Evaluation of current governance structure (Supervisory Board, Coordinating Council, membership, etc), governance and decision making processes, and management (including financial management) structures and processes, and also management information system of the organization.
  • Conduct Strategic Planning workshop with AUN major stakeholders;
  • Supervision of the process of formulation of major objectives in accordance to the log frame structure (for each objective) through provision of guidance and quality check remotely;
  • Development of an excel based tool for input/activity based budgeting (with a corresponding manual);
  • Calculation of budget estimates with major focus on linking resources/inputs to activity outputs and strategic targets;
  • Revision of budget projections;
  • Refinement of core business processes that are necessary to carry out the activities and deliver results as defined in the Strategic Plan;
  • Mapping functions (based on core business processes) to existing structural units;
  • Definition of key performance dimensions and indicators;
  • Formulation of key performance targets;
  • Write up of the strategy document.
  • Elaborate on routine information flow (reporting) and procedures necessary to institutionalize performance measurement.