Strengthening the CCM in Albania in complying with the Global Fund eligibility requirements

The purpose of these assignments was to strengthen the CCM in Albania in governance and compliance with the Global Fundâs eligibility criteria.

    • Actual Services Provided:

    • Assessment of the effectiveness of the CCM’s existing governance structures and processes including the conflict of interest policy in light of the revised CCM Guidelines.
    • Assistance to members of the CCM in gaining a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities, particularly with respect to governance and oversight in satisfying the requirements of the revised CCM Guidelines with an emphasis on the eligibility criteria.
    • Support to the CCM members in planning out the necessary steps and producing the required documents to improve their governance and oversight, and in particular the CCM Statute including PR selection provisions, COI Policy and the Oversight Plan.

The final report reflected findings of a detailed assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the current CCM governance structures and processes as identified during the desk review and through discussions with the CCM members and task forces established by the CCM for improving the CCM’s governance and oversight functions and streamlining PR nomination in compliance with the GF eligibility requirements. The report also outlined key directions to strengthen the CCM in both the short and long run, as well as needs for TA.

    • In addition to the main report the following technical products were delivered:

    • The CCM action plan that identifies recommended actions with clearly articulated roles, responsibilities and timelines.
    • Revised the CCM Statute, namely areas related to PR nomination, COI Policy and procedures and oversight functions.
    • CCM Oversight plan (basic).
    • Scenarios for stakeholder engagement in proposal development.