Support to the MOHFW of Bangladesh in the development of a Health System Strengthening (HSS) application to Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization Gavi

The GCG team supported the planning wing of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), Dhaka, Bangladesh to revise the Bangladesh”s application for GAVI Health System strengthening (HSS) support 2016-2020 application, and develop a new one in response to Gavi IRC recommendations, in close collaboration with WHO Representative to Bangladesh and Medical Officer Expanded Programme on immunization (EPI).

The CGC team was responsible for the following tasks:

  • To review the contents of original application provided by Bangladesh in January 2015 and recommendations provided by the GAVI”s independent review committee (IRC).
  • To review the documents describing the negotiations conducted by Government of Bangladesh, WHO and UNICEF with GAVI to accommodate the suggestions made by IRC to submit a revised proposal by September 2015.
  • To consult the Planning wing, national immunization programme, WHO, UNICEF and other development partners to bifurcate the existing GAVI/HSS proposal and develop a proposal comprising effective vaccine management, surveillance, and continuation of essential components of the current HSS grant to Bangladesh.
  • To engage in conference calls with GAVI, UNICEF and WHO (Regional office and headquarters) to ensure all stakeholders are on board and process of application development is as per the GAVI guidelines.
  • To revise and submit the Bangladesh GAVI/HSS application by 08 September
  • To incorporate any suggestions made by WHO pre-review committee and GAVI/IRC to finalize the proposal