Support to the Supreme Council of Health of the State of Qatar in the development of National Health Account report 201

The objective of this engagement was to provide specialist expertise to Health Financing and Insurance Department, Health Insurance Section of the Supreme Council of Health to produce the System of Health Accounts (SHA) Report for the state of Qatar for 2012.

The CGC team carried out the following activities as defined in the service agreement:

  1. Data collection and validation
    • Data collection and quality check/verification
    • Comparison/benchmarking with existing international/regional data/information
    • Data use and evaluation as per existing WHO definitions and classifications and SHA 2011 classification
    • Data use and evaluation as per OECD definitions and classifications
    • Final data validation
  2. Consultations with key stakeholders and management
  3. Collection, analysis and evaluation of existing legal and regulatory context
  4. Health expenditures evaluation and analysis:
    • Health sector projects and financing schemes (public, private, public-private partnership, out of pocket payments)
    • Capital expenditure programmes
  5. Definition, evaluation and analysis of existing health care functions and services
  6. Evaluation and analysis of existing health care system in the country
  7. Definition of terminology and indicators
  8. Economic terminology and indicators
  9. Produce and submit the Qatar National Health Accounts Report – 2012