Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Health of Macedonia Community nursing assessment with equity analysis

CGC supported the Ministry of Health in assessing of the community nursing system, particularly focusing on the following issues:

  • Human resource development policy, including distribution and turnover rates of the community nurses throughout the country;
  • Coverage and utilization rates of community nurse services and estimation of children/families being under-served;
  • Assessing preconditions to ensure quality of services delivered, such as training opportunities of the patronage nurses; technical means to deliver services; existence and implementation of practice protocols and guidelines;
  • Current financing scheme for the patronage nurses – cost of the current services (expressed per capita/per family) and additional costs needed to ensure wider coverage rates;
  • Collaboration with other sectors (social work services per se), current challenges and opportunities to expand services and referral mechanisms among sectors to reach out to the most vulnerable groups.

Actual services provided:

  • Develop methodology of the assessment, including instruments for data collection and required electronic format/database for data entry and data analysis.
  • Develop terms of reference for national expert institution to assist in local logistics, arranging interviews with national and local partners;
  • In collaboration with the selected national expert institution initiate the assessment by conducting interviews with relevant partners; deliver training in data collection and data entry into the electronic format/database;
  • Develop draft assessment report and analysis and present the pre-final report to the team of key national experts and the MOH, conduct a consultation for final review of the report, seek final comments and feedback, agree on the recommendations;
  • Finalize and submit a final report.