Technical assistance to the MoH of Kazakhstan in working out areas 2 and 4 of the National Programme on Health Sector Development

p>The overall purpose of the consultancy was to assist the MoH in the finalization of the National Programme and development of a precise action plan/budget within two key areas:

  • the key area 2 – “Further strengthening health status of population and decreasing the level of main social diseases with an emphasis given to prevention, screening and promotion of healthy lifestyle”;
  • the key area 4 -“Strengthening organisation, management and financing of health services in the framework of Unified National Health Care System with introduction of international protocols of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients as well as introduction of joint responsibility of citizens for their health”.

Actual services provided:

  • Familiarize and review the main frame of the National Health Program as well as key national documents and regulations which are named in the draft program and should be taken into account in the development of the respective action plans.
  • Provide comments and recommendations on the main frame of the National Program aimed at improving/clarifying the above-listed areas and sub-areas.
  • Provide elaborated recommendations/vision regarding the process of the development of specific action plan and for the above-listed areas and sub-areas which should also take into account the composition of a working group and areas of expertise of its members, plan of working group, etc.
  • Lead the team of National experts in the development of the precise action plan and budget against of the above-listed areas and sub-areas.
  • Identify scope and key topics/areas of external expertise (international technical assistance) to the Ministry of Health during the implementation of the National Program in Health Sector Development.
  • Assist the development of indicator to measure the progress towards elaborated targets set regarding the above-listed areas and sub-area of the National Program.
  • Finalization of the action plans and its presentation to the Ministry of Health.