Technical support for the development of a comprehensive multi-year plans for immunization (cMYP) of Expanded Programme on Immunization EPI in Nigeria

The overall objective was to help National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) and partners to review the current draft of the cMYP 2016-2020, logistics forecasting and the cMYP costing tools, and provide a final draft of the cMYP that will be presented to Interagency Coordination Committee (ICC).

The consultancy service entailed the following specific objectives:

  • Review entries into the EPI logistics forecasting tool and the cMYP costing tool.
  • Review the analysis and interpretation of data generated from the cMYP costing tool.
  • Consult with partners and the cMYP Committee to obtain their inputs into the draft cMYP document.
  • Review and update the current draft of the cMYP 2016-2020 using the revised cMYP guidelines with emphasis on the costing and financing section and strategies identified for financial sustainability; and incorporating comments from different stakeholders.

The CGC team carried out the following tasks while providing technical support:

  1. Review bakground
    • Analyze the draft cMYP and cMYP Costing tool.
    • Transfer cMYP Costing tool data to new cMYP version of the tool.
    • Communicate with the country team issues for clarification.
    • Discuss and finalize the mission agenda with the country office.
  2. In-country mission
    • Meet with relevant stakeholders and discuss the desired changes.
    • Revise the costing tool and discuss results with the stakeholders.
    • Elaborate key messages for advocacy and discuss with the stakeholders.
    • Revise the cMYP narrative (programmatic component) according to the points agreed with the stakeholders.
  3. Support finalization of the cMYP document and costing tool:
    • Review both documents for quality and consistency.
    • Incorporate feedback from the country team and support finalization of the documents.