Technical support to multi-partner assessment missions to Romania and Philippines (conducted on behalf of the Middle Income Country (MIC) Task Force)

CGC provided technical assistance on the documentation and reporting during a non-Gavi Middle-Income Country (MIC) assessment mission in Romania. The country engagement assessment mission was conducted to engage Romania and Philippines in identifying and documenting the main challenges across the areas of decision making, political commitment to and financial sustainability of immunization, demand for and equitable delivery of immunization, and access to a timely and affordable supply of vaccines.

The CGC expert:

    1. Assisted the MIC Task Force / WHO in the preparation of a preliminary situational analysis report based on a desk review of available official and technical documents
    2. Participated in all briefings and discussions during the mission, and assisted in collecting additional information and/or in the validation of the preliminary findings
    3. Drafted a final mission report providing a detailed summary of the multi-partner assessment mission conducting on the behalf of the Middle Income Country Task Force focusing on the main issues and action points across the four pillars of the MIC Strategy, as follows:
      • Evidence-based decision-making
      • Political commitment and financial sustainability of immunization programs
      • Demand for and equitable delivery of immunization services
      • Access to timely and affordable supply