UNAIDS 5 Year Independent Evaluation – Kazakhstan Country Study

The overall purpose of the 5-year Independent Evaluation was to assess the efficacy, effectiveness, and outcomes of UNAIDS (including UNAIDS Secretariat, the PCB, and Cosponsors) at the global, regional and country levels.

HLSP Ltd as the organization leading the Independent Evaluation, contracted CGC for a Kazakhstan Country study.

The study results fed directly into the overall evaluation, which drew together assessments of all components into one synthesis report with conclusions on UNAIDS performance as a whole globally.

CGC team was responsible for the following tasks:

  • Preparatory activities for the evaluation assignment in country;
  • Collate information and desk reviews;
  • Liaise with the UCC and UNAIDS staff over the development of a schedule of visits and interviews, timing and duration of a field visit;
  • Worked with the UCC and UNAIDS staff and NAC to assemble necessary documents;
  • Ensure that key informants read the material provided to them in relation to the sectors/ themes they are allocated by the Team Leader, as well as relevant UNAIDS Secretariat and Cosponsors strategy and policy documents;
  • By the end of the mission, provide contributions to the Evaluation Framework to the Team Leader in respect of the sectors/ themes/ questions allocated to the Team Member by the Team Leader.