Technical assistance to the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan on optimization of the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) home visiting services with the focus on diet diversification

The UNICEF country office (CO) in Turkmenistan selected and commissioned the consortia of the CGC and International Step by Step Association (the Netherlands) to assist the health authorities in scaling up the delivery of home visiting services to improve maternal and child health (MCH).

The team comprised of three specialists (in the health system and healthcare financing, planning and streamlining inputs of home visiting (HV) and early child development (EDP) was required to:

  • Carry out situation assessments (baseline and fine) concerning the implementation of the roadmap of the home visiting (HV) development and the organization, delivery, and financing of home visiting services by the primary healthcare facilities in Turkmenistan
  • Revise existing regulations related to the following:
    • Roles and functions of home visitor
    • Target groups and frequency of home visits
    • The content of each visit (including competencies of home visitors, referral mechanisms, and supportive supervision)
  • Develop or adjust instruments enabling home visitors to fulfill their tasks
  • Develop an M&E framework including process and outcome indicators to measure performance, data to be collected, data collection and measurement tools, and procedures for data collection and processing.
  • Advocate for the optimization of the home service delivery arrangements using the dynamic costing and scenario-building tool
  • Build the capacity of key actors necessary to
    • upgrade the quality/content of care
    • estimate resource requirements, and
    • mobilize required resources.