Support to produce and institutionalize the System of Health Accounts (2011) in former Soviet Union countries and the Balkans

World Health Organisation (WHO) Barcelona Office for Health Systems Strengthening commissioned the CGC team to support selected countries in the production of Health Accounts (HA) based on the System of Health Accounts 2011 (SHA2011) methodology.

The assignment included three objectives:

  1. Provide technical support in the production of HA production (including disease expenditures) for the latest years to the following countries: Belarus, Tajikistan, Republic of Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Montenegro
  2. Finalise the validation of health expenditure data for 2000-2017 together with WHO HQ and WHO Barcelona office for publication on WHO web-site (within the framework of Global Health Expenditure Database/GHED) for 7 countries: Belarus, North Macedonia, Tajikistan, Republic of Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan
  3. Conduct sub-regional research on improvement the quality of health expenditure data collection based on SHA 2011 methodology