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Assessment of Moldova’s Healthcare System with the view of shaping further Swiss support

Moldova, Republic of / Development aid, Governance, Health Systems / Evaluation

The Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova (SCO) intends to carry out an assessment of the Moldovan healthcare sector. The services were solicited to shape the Swiss-supported health domain interventions under the upcoming 2025-2028 Swiss Cooperation Program for Moldova. The assessment was expected to inform the design of Swiss support to the Moldovan healthcare system by […]


External Review of Global Fund grants in the Republic of China

China / Development aid, HIV & AIDS / Evaluation

the main objective of the external review was to evaluate updated grant documents of the consolidated Round 3 HIV/AIDS Rolling Continuation Channel (RCC) grant with R4, 5,6 and 8 by looking at the national and provincial strategic analysis documents, which were developed by the Chinese authorities in response to the GF imposed conditionality on the […]