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The end of phase I evaluation of a Health Facilities Autonomy project in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan / Governance, Primary health care / Evaluation

Embassy of Switzerland in the Kyrgyz Republic on the behalf of the Federal Department of the Foreign Affairs (FDFA) of the Swiss Confederation contracted Consulting Group Curatio Sarl to carry out an external evaluation of the a Health Facilities Autonomya project in Kyrgyzstan in April a May 2018. The purpose of the evaluation was to […]


A study of financial and non-financial incentives in health sector in Sudan

Sudan / Human resources in health, Service delivery / Capacity building, Evaluation, Planning

The overall objective of this assignment was to design financial and non-financial incentive models for different health cadres to implement the integrated roadmap for healthcare delivery in Sudan. The main objective of the consultancy was to analyze the current incentive models for health staff in the MOH, including staff working for different public health programs […]